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1. Donâ019t believe in effortless success, but make your success seem effortless

2. Have a great personality by being socially oriented, adjusted and enjoyable to others.

3. Choose personalized rewards that have the power to attract you and others towards action.

4. Know what you want, and desire it until you become obsessed with the need to take all the steps to get where you want to go.

5. Precisely formulate your goal and memorize it until it stays in your unconsciousness.

6. Continuously and clearly imagine improved realities that people desire.

7. Donâ019t fritter or dissipate your energy and always think and act goal oriented.

8. Get done with planning and immediately start taking the steps you have planned to take.

9. Always have the will to think, think precisely and switch into different perspectives.

10. Stay ambitious and don't allow thoughts of indifference to enter your mind.

11. Nuke your fears and doubts and allow yourself to feel sure and confident about yourself.

12. Believe that you have unlimited endurance and quit after you win.

13. Donâ019t prefer pleasant actions and have the will to toil in order to get what you want.

14. Have complete control over your positive and negative emotions.

15. Never kiss up to others and never overbear yourself.

16. Avoid extremes of any sort and donâ019t be extremely cautious or extremely careless.

17. Self-control your thoughts (Donâ019t think impulsively)

18. Self-control your actions (Donâ019t [re]act impulsively)

19. Sharpen your intellect by gathering advanced and specialized knowledge and actually using it.

20. Control your human drives.

21. Donâ019t be superstitious or small-minded on the basis of ready-made expectations.

22. Have the ability to forget, rethink, refresh and relearn as often as you have to.

23. Avoid power and wealth that you did not earn yourself.

24. Avoid being intentionally dishonest.

25. Wash away your natural need for recognition and your vanity.

26. Build positive habits by sticking to goal-oriented behavior without backsliding.

27. Donâ019t guess or gamble if you have rational choices available.

28. Know what gets you moving and then motivate yourself inwardly and outwardly.

29. Sharpen your ability to judge clearly, neutrally and realistically.

30. Have the continuous will to create improvement.

31. Setup a financial safety â01Cairbagâ01D to ensure a safer impact if you crash.

32. Stay bound and determined to overleap the barriers that others donâ019t persistently try to overleap.

33. Allow your plan to change through improvement.

34. Think, feel and act excited and enthusiastic while doing what you planned to do.

35. Influence and prime yourself by selecting appropriate partners, social environments and role models.

36. Know your reasons for feeling and emitting self-confidence and know what others love about you.

37. Avoid excessive or wasteful behavior and always hold some value back: energy, money, timeâ026

38. Choose the Job you love, in the industry that offers what people love to pay for.

39. Have the trust in yourself and the belief in your unlimited potential.

40. Have the ability to clearly and realistically see into the present and foresee into the future.

41. Relax and take a break before you get forced to stop by outer or inner factors.

42. Have the strong desire to do the best thing now.

43. Your health is the foundation of your thoughts and actions, so eat, think and live health-oriented.

44. Make regular use of positive self suggestion.

45. Have the courage to make all the mistakes that you make if you act often.

46. Life is short, so act faster than others believe they can.

47. Achieve inner balance and equalization by finding ways to conquer stress and relaxing.

48. Move complexity into the details and reduce the rest to beautiful simplicity.

49. Opportunities, chances and options appear whenever there is goal-oriented action involved.

50. Have the will to see yourself the way you are and have to become.
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